Store Info

4824 Baltimore Ave.
Phila., PA 19143
(215) 729-2121

Store Hours
Daily, 8 am - 10 pm


Expansion Project

New store floor plan

We moved!

On March, 17 2012, Mariposa Food Co-op opened the doors of its expanded location at 4824 Baltimore Avenue. We hope you come by to shop!

At the new Mariposa Food Co-op:

•Anyone can shop regardless of membership (though all members receive at least a 5% discount.)
•We operate out of a large, newly-renovated, energy-efficient, historic building with spacious aisles that is wheelchair accessible.
•We have expanded our product selections to provide access to more healthy, locally grown and sustainably produced food (including meat).
•We accept cash, credit cards and EBT/SNAP for all transactions
•We are open 7 days a week.
•Member “work-shifts” are optional for a larger discount

Why did we expand? For almost 40 years, Mariposa has been providing our members with healthy, locally grown, and sustainably produced food. We grew from a buying club of a few dozen members to a full-service storefront open every day of the week, with over 2,000 members today. In the past few years, membership has skyrocketed and demand for our product has increased.

With just 500 square feet of retail space at our old location we offered a full line of produce and dairy products, but were extremely limited in the variety of dry, canned, prepared, and specialty diet foods available to shoppers. The lack of space also created a barrier between us and the community as a whole, stunting access to what we offered and potential membership growth.

How did we do it? Our expansion and relocation took a lot of work and investment! Luckily we have a dedicated membership and hardworking staff. Much of the work was done by members and we are very grateful for all of the member and community support we received.

We began looking for spaces and exploring the idea of expanding back in 2007. In 2008, Mariposa’s membership made an official decision to expand. This was not only to provide a better shopping location for the current membership, but create a new space and new policies to welcome more members and shoppers. From there we began planning our what would be a four year expansion process.

How much did it cost? Mariposa’s expansion cost over $2.5 million. This included purchasing and fully renovating a new building. It also included the cost of planning, project management, architectural design, staffing and financial consultants, fundraising and new equipment and inventory.

If you are interested in where we have gotten our funding from check out this fundraising summary + pie chart.