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2012 Mariposa Board of Delegates

Board of Delegates: Mariposa Food Co-op’s board of delegates is made up of three officers and ten other members representing various committees of the membership as well as the membership at large. The board meets monthly and makes most major corporate decisions, though amendments to the bylaws and basis of membership are reserved for the membership at large.

Sarah Szymanski (convener)

Genevieve Tung (secretary)

Ben Jordan (treasurer)

Committee Delegates

Molly Roth (facilities/expansion)

Clare Hyre (food justice and anti-racism)

Emily Gunther (member accountability)

Irit Reinheimer (education and training)

Tom Magee (operations)

At-Large Delegates

Kaz Uyehara

Sonia Williams

Atiya Ola

Shari Berger Kulanu

Morgan Andrews


Membership Meeting & Board Election Pt. II April 11th, 3 p.m. - 5:00 p.m., Calvary Center