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Membership Basics


Each member is required to pay member equity. This member equity is your “owner investment” in the co-op and is refundable when you end your membership (minus any money or work hours you owe).  For more information about equity,  click here.


Mariposa member accounts can have one or more members listed under a single account name.  Shared accounts are designed for members who are financially interdependent (in regards to the co-op).  Multiple member accounts share food credit, discounts, and purchase history.  Existing members can combine or divide their accounts at any time.


  • At the January 20th, 2011 Board meeting, the following policy was added to the Member Policies. If you are a caregiver or a member who regularly sends a caregiver to the co-op to shop for you, please download the Caregiver Shopping Request Form to complete and return via email at or hand in to a staff member.   If you have questions, concerns, etc. please send an email to or contact the Membership Coordination Team at (215) 729-2121 ext. 3.
  • Caregiver Shopping access that enable non-members to shop on a member account (accessing that member’s full discount) will be made available to people in the following circumstances:
    • Individuals shopping on behalf of a member who is sick, injured, disabled, or for whom accessing the store is otherwise challenging or impossible.
    • Individuals providing childcare (on an ongoing/recurring basis) for a member’s child who wish to make purchases on that member’s account on behalf of the child or the member’s household.

Members are only able to shop on accounts they are listed on.  However, minors can shop on their parents’ account (members should inform the co-op of their dependent’s name/s).



We have access to thousands of different products, including food service and bulk sizes of many items. Speak to one of our buyers if you are interested in purchasing items in bulk or by the case, or ordering items or sizes that we do not currently stock.  Please note that a case is the minimum quantity to order for many (though not all) items. What constitutes a case varies from product to product. Any item that is ordered in a bulk size or by the case will receive a 10% discount off the shelf price.  For items that are available from our distributors individually or in partial cases, speak to a buyer about what quantity garners a special order discount.



All purchases must be paid for by cash, personal check, money order, EBT (food stamps or cash benefits), travelers checks, or credit/debit card. Checks should be made payable to “Mariposa, Inc” and you should include your account name in the memo field of the check.  Mariposa accepts EBT (SNAP/food stamps). According to law, food stamps cannot be used to pay for non-food items, anything consumed in the store, or for credit or debt. If you want to use EBT food stamps to pay for a bulk order, you must note it on the order form; otherwise it will be billed directly to your account upon arrival and become part of your pre-existing balance.



All members are able to add credit to their accounts for use on future purchases. Money can be added at the register or through Paypal using MESS.  Members are encouraged to keep their balance either at zero or with a credit; for those who are experiencing financial difficulties, small purchases can be left on the account to be paid in the future.  New members may carry a debt of $5.



MESS (Mariposa Electronic Storage System) is a Mariposa member’s online portal to their store account and much more!

Members are encouraged to use MESS to:

1)      Add member equity or monetary credit towards purchases in the store

2)   Check your transaction history

3)      Update your contact information

4)      Sign up for and review information about member workshifts

5)      Share ideas and ask questions in the member Forum

As a member, you should  have received via email log-in information in order to access your MESS account – Please familiarize yourself with MESS and if you need help, contact the Membership Department at (215) 729-212 ext. 3 or via email at


 If your contact information changes, please notify a staff member or update it online through MESS. For any other concerns regarding your membership information, your shift options or status, your attendance record, or leave of absences, call the office at 215-729-2121 ext. 3.



If you will be away from the Co-op for more than a month, you can arrange a leave of absence. Your departure and return dates must be established with staff. Taking a leave of absence is an agreement with the Co-op that you will not be shopping during that time and will not be expected to do work shifts or pay equity until your return. Your leave of absence may last no longer than six months.



For accounts that are active, membership does not expire.  If you wish to permanently close your co-op account, you must inform a staff member or contact Membership Coordination.  You can request your equity to be refunded or donated to the Mariposa Membership Fund.  To receive a full refund of your member equity, you must be up to date on work shift hours and not have a debt on your account. If you depart the co-op owing shift hours, $20 will be deducted from your equity return for each hour you owe.  If you do not claim your equity within two years, it will be reinvested into Mariposa Food Co-op.