Store Info

4824 Baltimore Ave.
Phila., PA 19143
(215) 729-2121

Store Hours
Daily, 8 am - 10 pm


Mariposa FAQ

General Questions

What is Mariposa Food Co-op?

Founded in 1971, Mariposa Food Co-op is a neighborhood grocery store that’s owned and operated by members. Mariposa Food Co-op strives to provide residents of West Philadelphia and beyond with access to and information about food, especially healthy, locally-grown or otherwise sustainably-produced products.

What’s a cooperative (co-op)?

Co-operatives are businesses owned and run by and for their members. Whether the members are the customers, employees or residents they have an equal say in what the business does and a share in the profits.  See more…


Shopping at Mariposa Food Co-op

Can anyone shop at Mariposa?

Yes!  Everyone is welcome to shop at Mariposa.


What are Mariposa’s location and store hours?

Mariposa is located at 4824 Baltimore Avenue (btw. 48th & 49th Streets) in West Philadelphia, PA (19143).
The store is open daily from 8 AM – 10 PM.


What does Mariposa sell?

Mariposa offers a wide variety of organic & non-organic products including:

Baked Goods
Bulk Grains
Frozen Food

We also carry products that meet special dietary needs (e.g. low-sodium, gluten-free, vegan), eco-friendly items for home, baby, body care, pets and more!


How do I shop at Mariposa?

Just grab a basket and select your items! Make a note of the price per pound of bulk goods and the growing method of fruits and vegetables (chemical-free, conventional, or organic), as the cashier will ask. Check out! As a member-owner, you can also order many items in bulk for greater savings. Just talk to a staff person for details.

How can I pay for groceries?

Mariposa accepts cash, credit/debit, and SNAP/EBT.

What is Mariposa Food Co-op’s Return Policy?

We at Mariposa Food Co-op strive for complete shopper satisfaction. Please understand that Mariposa Food Co-op is a community-owned store. The return policy is in place to keep prices down for all of our shoppers. Thank you for helping us by following our return and exchange policy!

• We will always give a prompt refund or exchange on any product that is defective or damaged

• For non-members, your receipt is required for all returns

• All items should be returned for exchange or refund within 2 weeks of the date of sale

• All returns and exchanges must be processed by a cashier or MOD

Mariposa Food Co-op reserves the right to handle returns and exchanges on a case-by-case basis for unusual or excessive returns.

Becoming a Member-Owner at Mariposa

Why should I join?

  • Have a voice and vote in decisions about the Co-op.

  • Special order or bulk-order your favorite items.

  • Receive a 5%  shopping discount. (Working member-owners receive a 10% discount.)

  • Invest in a local, community run business that supports local farmers and artisans while providing healthy, fresh food to the community.


How do I join?

There are three steps to joining Mariposa: (1) filling out a joining form in store, (2) pick up a new member-owner packet (3) paying some or all of your equity. Contact the Membership Team at or (215) 729-2121 ext. 3 with questions.

What is “Member Equity”?

Member equity is your “ownership share” in the Co-op and is refundable upon your departure from Mariposa, providing your account is in good standing. The total equity is $200 per member, but a $25 payment is sufficient for joining. For those who pay less than $200 upon joining, an additional $25 is billed quarterly until $200 is reached. Additional payment options are available. We never want money to be a barrier to joining!  Click here  for more information about equity.

Do I need to work a shift to be a member?

Not anymore! Mariposa has historically been a working member only co-op, however work-shifts are no longer a requirement for membership.

 That said, we highly encourage members to work a shift.  Member labor plays an important role in the Mariposa’s operations and helps to maintain meaningful member leadership. Members who do work will receive an additional 5% discount off all purchases at the register, and a chance to participate in helping to run the organization. There are a variety of workshifts to choose from. You will choose whether to be a “working” or “non-working” member after your orientation.  For descriptions of the different work groups available at Mariposa click here.

How are decisions made?

Major policy decisions are made by the member-elected Board of Delegates. The Staff, who are hired by the Board, are responsible for implementing these decisions and for day-to-day management of the store. “Big picture” decisions—those regarding the core values of the Co-op and effecting our by-laws—are made by members. Feel free to direct questions, comments, or suggestions to staff members working in the store.